2-5-1 Chord Progression (MIDI)

A free MIDI chord progression based around the 2-5-1 movement.

I love making R&B, it’s my favourite genre but it’s unquestionably one of the harder genres to make. Why? Because of its level of musicality. 

The 2-5-1 movement is used right across music but heavily in Soul, Gospel and Jazz music. In Gospel it's often used as a way to bridge the gap between chords and has a distinct sound I’m sure you’re familiar with.

R&B has adopted this progression and usage and has gone to town with it. We used to hear it a lot in the 90s but now its back in full effect. You’ll hear it in 1 out of 10 R&B with Trap style drum songs. From Chris Breezy to Kehlani and everyone in-between.