Native Instruments – Analog Dreams

Just got Komplete 12. The first instrument I pulled up was Analog Dreams and man I was hooked!

Despite being on hiatus, Native Instruments so ever so kindly blessed me with a copy of Komplete 12 Ultimate. My plans for the day were completely ruined as I spent the whole day jamming out with Analog Dreams. Created a beat and made a video!

The track I made is a far cry from what I usually do but it’s the direction the sounds led me in. That’s what good presets can do. They can inspire you to make something you’ve never made before.

I usually do beat making tutorials but seen as I put this together quickly it’s more of just a fun video. All of the sounds I used barring the drums and guitar are from Analog Dreams. The drums are from a Native Instruments expansion Vintage Heat and guitar, Scarbee Funk Guitarist.

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