Summer Walker Chord Progression

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I had “Girls Need Love” on repeat all day every day when it dropped back in 2018. It’s such a dope track, from its beat, to its lyrics, vocal arrangement and of course its chords.

Chord Diagrams

This track does something you don’t hear very often these days in R&B. It has three distinct chord progressions, one for each section – verse, pre-chorus and chorus, well what I’m calling the chorus; it has a pretty unique arrangement. The song is only 2 minutes long.

But this keeps the track interesting, it’s always developing and progressing. In this weeks video we look at the third section in what I’m rightly or wrongly calling the chorus .

So as mentioned in the video above, this track is in the key of F#m. 6-7-#7-1 4-2-#7-1. Where I’ve played a # 7 you can also play a 5. Download this chord progression as a MIDI file.

4 Comments on “Summer Walker Chord Progression”

    1. Hey Stephanie, this one isn’t no but i’ll probably add it to the pack in the next free update. But I’ve made it available as a free download for now (only the midi file).

  1. Im starting over trying to learn to play. it dont seem i can be yaught with music lessons cause they take me too fast. so mabe i can learn by ear again…

    1. Yeah my content is definitely not the best for that purpose. Especially as I’m just focused on progressions at the moment. You need a cohesive structured course you can follow. Check out, no affiliation I’ve just seen some of what they’re doing over on youtube and have been impressed by the quality. I think they may be a good fit for you.

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